Kroonvlei Wilderness Estate meets a need for people who have an innate sense that city living damages the human psyche – their own and even more so, those of children. As one Kroonvlei owner puts it: “Having grown up in clean, open, free and uncluttered spaces, I wanted the same experience for my family, away from the crowded city.”

Kroonvlei also challenges conventional building.  It reverses the emphasis on huge mansions dominating the landscape to homes designed to quietly merge with the environment, without losing any of the elegance and comfort of modern living.

The entire Kroonvlei Wilderness Estate belongs to the residents; they share the enjoyment of the established wildlife, rock pools, dams, river, the farming areas, the trails and the open spaces. Residents also have the option to buy into the established game owned by Kroonwild.

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